Marketing Architects Launches Venture Incubator Misfits & Machines

TV advertising agency Marketing Architects announces the launch of sister agency Misfits & Machines. The launch represents the agency’s continuing mission to pen the blueprint of what’s next to come. 

Dedicated to ongoing innovation, Marketing Architects saw a unique opportunity to create an outside entity focused on building leading-edge tech solutions for marketers and business leaders beyond their core offering of All-Inclusive TV. Over six months, they formed Misfits & Machines, a venture incubator and accelerator focused on scaling bold ideas through challenger thinking, AI, and technology. 

The incubator will function as a sister agency to Marketing Architects. The team includes Marketing Architects founder Chuck Hengel, Chief Product Officer Rob DeMars, marketing veteran Jordan Mauer, and ex-Amazon solutions architect John Ryan Cottam.  

"Marketing Architects’ DNA has always been about scribbling outside the lines of the traditional advertising agency model,” says DeMars. “We have a rich history of building products for TV advertisers and launching our own consumer products into category leaders. With Misfits & Machines, we’re stepping outside the agency to make and break stuff that quite honestly is going to make marketers squirm. In a good way, of course.” 

“Our efforts are two-fold,” he adds. “Make awesome SaaS products in the marcom space. And venture partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs who have bold offerings but require an equally audacious approach to becoming famous.” 

Misfits & Machines is currently exploring a range of tech solutions to drive business growth. If you have a solution that could benefit from some challenger thinking, please reach out to 

About Marketing Architects

Marketing Architects is an All-Inclusive TV agency that rebuilt the traditional agency model to help brands drive profitable growth. Founded in Minneapolis, Marketing Architects has spent 25 years building homegrown technology to solve TV's pricing, measurement and scale challenges. For more information, please visit     

About Misfits & Machines

On a mission to liberate contrarian ideas from the tyranny of reason, Misfits & Machines incubates and accelerates bold ventures through challenger thinking and AI tinkering. Learn more at 

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